The Biggest *RISK* You Will Ever Take Is NOT Taking Any Risk At All….

The Biggest *RISK* You Will Ever Take Is NOT Taking Any Risk At All….

In life we are faced with many obstacles that involve risk.  On the flip side, we are also faced with many successful situations pertaining to the risk taking process.  In essence, the conclusion of the matter involves taking risk in life.  The biggest risk you will ever take is NOT taking any risk at all.  One of the main reasons I am a full – time online entrepreneur is because I took a risk back in my early 20s when I decided I wanted to become my own boss. 

I knew forfeiting a degree in college and going after my dreams was a HUGE risk, but against all the odds and to prove all the naysayers wrong, I kept pushing towards the prize that would soon set me free financially.  Unlike most people, my biggest fear was falling into the 40-40-40 club.  You know… work 40+ hours a week for 40 years, and retire on 40% or less of your annual income.  This was the biggest SCAM to me and most of my family and society accepted it as the ultimate dream.

Working a job is the biggest risk you can take in life.  Why?  Because, your job has no interest in your financial gain.  I know that’s a bold statement.. Let me rephrase.  Your job only has interest in improving it’s own financial status.  You are just a small component helping them achieve that goal, and thus they will pay you just enough to keep you coming back for more and more.  At any time, they can FIRE you if they feel they don’t need you while disregarding your family, current financial status, etc.

Without taking *RISK* however, you will always receive the same outcome – FAILURE

*Starting a business takes Risk

*Getting married is a Risk

*Having Children is a Risk

*Getting out a bed is a Risk….


I can go on and on but I’m sure you get the big picture.  Hopefully, you gained something from this post today.  Make sure to watch the entire video I posted in this article by the late great Jim Rohn.  You don’t have to get it right.. you just have to get it going.  Don’t let FEAR paralyze and stop you from achieving your goals.  Get rid of negative folk in your life.  Surround yourself always with positive people and positive situations.  Click the red button below to start going in the right direction.

Let’s win together,
Ontarian Hawkins

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